Alangudi Namsankeerthana Trust sincerely dedicates this site to the Trinity of Namasangeerthanam Sri.Bhodendra Swamigal, Sri.Sridhara Ayyaval and Sri.Sadguru Swamigal. We also dedicate this site to the countless Bhagavathas and Bhakthas who selflessly stood to the cause of namasankeerthana movement in this holy land.

We heartily thank Sri. Achala Bhakthan for his association and contribution while developing this site. Sri. Achala Bhakthan is a revered bhagavatha whose contribution to namasankeerthan movement is notable and will be remembered forever. His amazing write-ups can be seen in his website.

Our motto is to spread the namasankeerthana movement by encouraging Radhakalyana vaibhavam in each and every village of our country. Our hope is that every one would extend their helping hand in promoting the noble cause the trust has undertaken.

Radhe Krishna !