Dakshina Bhajana Sampradhayam

Dancing Chaitanya

Dakshina Bhajana Sampradaayam is mainly based on the Paddhathi Krama handed over to us by Maruthanallur Sri Sadhguru Swamigal and finally modified by Sri Gopaalakrishna Bhagavathar. Some people find it difficult to follow in full, in a time-constraint situation, hence certain relaxations/ variations have crept in. Our appeal is that we should follow the Paddhathi Kramas prescribed by the Gurus and Sanths, as far as possible, without much compromise. Do not club too many parts of it within a time-constraint situation. Do full justice to the Paddathi and take only that part which can be performed fully without compromising within the given time frame.

If anyone finds it difficult to follow the Paddhathi Krama as prescribed by our predecessors , it will be appropriate if they take up to Naama Sankeerthana method (Devotional Songs), where there is no restrictions as in the Paddhathi Krama. One can chant or sing the names of God in any order. If one desires to become a Bhagavatha, one has to observe the Bhagavatha Dharma and follow a definite Paddhathi Krama prescribed by one's own Guru.

A Bhagavatha is one who has understood the Sampradaaya Bhajan and Paddhathi Krama and follows it as prescribed and observes daily the Nithyakarmaanushtanams, Unchacrutthi, Bhajans, Dolothsavam etc. and practices samabhaava, Egoless and desireless attitude, Kshama, Karuna, simplicity of living, Compassion, Prema Bhakthi and total surrender to the Lord etc. Please view this write-up from this point of view and not from the real origination of the Sampradaayam and the chronological history.

In following the Bhajan Sampradaayam, one has to value it for the aspects of Bhaava, Bhakthi and total surrender to the Lord with which one approaches it. Instead of Sringara Rasa, which is very difficult to understand in its real sense and to practice, it would be appropriate to view it with a philosophical import, as it would help us follow the Atmeega Chintanai (Self Enquiry) path shown by my Vedantic Guru Sri Ramana Maharshi, rather than stay in Bhakthi state alone. To go beyond Bhakthi even the Saathwic Ahamkaar should be overcome, which is possible only with the grace of the Lord and the blessings of Guru, for which total surrender with Bhakthi is the way.Once the surrender is full and unconditional, the Lord will take care of us.

- Achala Bhakthan .

Radhe Krishna !