Sri Sadguru Swamigal

Sadguru Swamigal

Sri Venkatramana Desikar, popularly known as Sri Maruthanallur Sadguru Swamigal, was born in the year 1777 at Thiruvisanallur. He lived in Maruthanallur Village, near Kumbakonam of Tamil Nadu. Sri. Sadguru swamigal is to be remembered ever as he was the one who took pains to formulate the ‘Sampradhaya Bhajan’ and popularise the same in the interest of human society.

He traveled the length and breadth of our country in order to collect the compilations of many saints and devotees and made existing smapradhaya bhajan.

Saraboji Maharaja was a disciple of him. Sri. Swamigal found out the ‘jeeva samadhi’ of Sri.Bhodendra Swamigal in a river at Govindapuram. On his request King Saraboji, diverted the river and developed Sri.Bhodendra Swamigal’s Jeeva Samathi. He lead his life as a parama bhagavatha. He made ‘Rama Nama’ mantropadesam to Sri. Tyagaraja Swamigal of Tiruvyaru. He practiced unchavirthi dharma daily. He attained muthi in the year 1817.

Radhe Krishna !