Harathi by Jyothi

Now, at Alangudi, we celebrate Sri Radhakalyanam in a larger scale. Many ardent devotees of Alangudi Radhakrishna give unstinted support to the Trust and as such almost all the expenditure are met by sponsors. Some people bear the entire expenditure for vegetables for the function. Someone sponsors rice. The other takes care of milk supply for the entire event. Some people spend for decoration and it goes on that way. The villagers, especially the odayar community of Poonayiruppu and Narikkudi, provide financial as well as moral support to this event.

1. Sri Gopala Iyer

A village Post Master by profession. He showed much interest in the Radhakalyanam. He would walk miles together to receive a donation of five rupees. His dedication is so much that in every inch of his thought only Radhakalyana Mohotasavam prevailed. His contribution towards this noble job is notable and unforgettable.

2. Srimathi Rukmani Ammal

Sri Gopala Iyer's wife. She stood with her husband throughout for this sacred endeavour. Her hard work during the event will be remembered forever. She would start her preparatory work of the Radha Kalyana Utsav months before.

3. Sri Duraiswamy Iyer:

He was Prohit who was running a Primary school in this village. He was jack of all trades. He would fabricate mandasanam, a wooden enclosure to accommodate Sri Krishna. He himself would lay Pandal at the time of Radhakalyam. He showed extraordinary interest in the event.

4. Sri. Venkalakshmi Ammal:

Sri Venkalakshmi Ammal was the wife of Sri Durai swamy Iyer. In association with Sri Rukmani Ammal, she carried out a lot of Radhakalyanam works. Their dedicated participation could not be forgotten.V.P.Ramasamy Iyer one Local Temple Manager & his family members also showed keen interest for the Radha kalyanam.

5. Sattanatha Kurukkal:

A very interesting personality who did “Pushpa Alankaram” to Lord Sri Radha Krishna. He bore entire expenditure for pushpam . His dedication towards Lord Krishna is to be remembered ever.

6. Sankar vathiyar:

He is a sincere and dedicated and also a service minded personality

7. Sankara Iyer:

He is known as Sankara Iyer of Gopaldass, Kumbakonam. It was he who gave us the famous Krishnar padam that is being worshipped now. This ancient Thanjavur Art ‘Krishna padam‘ bears artistic ornamental works. We have renovated the image twice in these 50 years period.

Radhe Krishna !